My life journey with Perfume. As I played in my mother's garden as a child, I attempted to make Perfume from rose petals, water and foliage, I was intrigued by the scent and beauty and wanted to preserve that moment forever.  My Italian grandmother's garden was culinary-infused.  No longer surrounded by pretty florals I entered a darker, more pungent world of herbs, earth and rot.  And so my love affair with nature and scent began.


A gypsy at heart, I moved from Dublin to London to pursue life as a floral designer. Surrounded by beauty and fragrance, I met my second love as I sought to capture this fleeting beauty - the world of perfume. An
 addictive passion, perfumery led me to Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world, where I was immersed in a world of extracts, absolutes and concretes, it was there I fell in love with creating Perfume , caught in a world of synthetics Grasse brought me back to real, the Rose the stem the soil the decomposing. 

Nature in her raw purity has always given me what I crave.  Realness.  And so I strive to create fragrances that are beautiful, unique and natural. Every bottle of our Parfum has a story steeped in the history of the earth and what has gone before us and may even be present, our scents are a wake up to your olfactory senses.



As a teacher, builder, artist and candlemaker I have always lived my life with inspiration as my creative interests have been explored and evolved. The media has varied from watercolour paintings and pencil sketches, to home renovation and gardening, to parfum and candles. My creative passions are strong and varied. Living and working in a hundred year old church that seems to be in a constant state of renovation has proved to be rewarding canvass and a source of inspiration.

But the biggest canvas I have to paint is using scent. The power of scent to transform personal environments and moods is exhilarating and is approached with respect, thoughtfulness and love.