Important Info

Inspired by the beauty and wild of untamed nature . The colour palette can vary with this bouquet/arrangement (but the general look/style will be similar, wild/ untamed) The signature of a Zingaro floral perfumery bouquet is that no two bouquets are ever the same so each and every bouquet is bespoke and truly unique. The picture shows an example of our bouquet with yours containing seasonal flowers, which may vary in colour and style due to availability. Check out our Instagram feed for other examples of our work! Flower or design preferences ? Let us know in the notes at checkout - and we’ll do our best to fulfill your wishes.

Flower Care

You can make your flowers last by following a few simple steps. Keep them away from heat and direct sunlight while transporting them. Fill a clean vase with lots of room temperature water, Take your flowers out of the aqua pack over a sink and remove the rest of the wrapping (If your flowers are not aqua packed please recut them at a sharp angle- and place them in the vase.) After 2-3 days repeat - wash the vase , fill it with fresh water , Do not place the flowers in direct sunlight or next to a heat source - radiators, televisions etc. Enjoy