First Wedding of 2023!

Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but Palma and I had a very busy start to 2023 as a very special couple tied the knot on a perfect January afternoon.

Getting to be a part of my sister’s wedding was special enough, but being able to give her the wedding flowers of her dreams was extra magical and something I will never forget.

My sister Erin, being the exact opposite of a bridezilla, gave us complete creative control over their wedding flowers and trusted us to work our magic in whatever way we thought was best. And let me tell you, magic was created. Since I was the maid of honour I was unable to help with the day-of set up, but Palma, being the wonderful wizard that she is, installed the most beautiful living wall any of the guests had ever laid eyes on. The entire room was transformed into cozy and whimsical winter romance.

What made the flowers, and the space, even more special was that we chose every stem with intention. Eucalyptus was used to symbolize where the bride and groom currently live. White roses were a focal flower as both the mother of the bride and mother of the groom had white roses in their bridal bouquets. A protea was added to represent the groom’s South African heritage and the list goes on! It was the perfect combination of truly meaningful beauty.

Although it may have been a chilly January evening outside, the warmth from inside was electric and the love in the room was tangible. I will forever be grateful to Palma for helping me design and create my sister’s wedding floral dreams!

Here’s to many more magical moments in 2023! And of course, a very special congratulations to one of our most precious Zingaro couples, E + J!




Photo by Hayley Zumkeller Photography